Sun Tech Days 2009

Last week, I attended Sun Tech Days 2009 which made its round in Singapore. For the past few years, I always made it a point to attend this event as it allows me to have a glimpse of the latest technology development and the roadmap ahead. More importantly, it enables me to see whether they can be matched with any of the business needs. And I would know what and where to search for more details.

Sun Tech Days

Sun Tech Days

I have written down my notes at our wiki:

One piece of good news is that Jira is bundled within Project Kenai as one of the issue trackers. Project Kenai is Sun’s initiative to provide a collaboration site for the open source community.

The Lightning Talk sessions which are newly introduced to this year’s agenda seemed to be a great idea. It allows end-users of Sun technologies to speak for a short period on how they utilized the technology and share tips and tricks. I do hope this will remain as a regular feature and I would be able to share my experience and knowledge on how to collaborate better with Confluence and Jira which are running on Java :)

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  2. Sim says:

    The presentation slides are available online now

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