Atlassian hits $100million of sales

Within a short timespan of 7 yrs, our partner, Atlassian has hit $100 million of sales. This is really amazing considering the fact that the prices for their product is in the range of 4 figures. This means that a lot of people have bought and are using the tools developed by them.

According to their founders, the recipe for the success are:

  • The software had to sell itself with no $$$ for a sales team
  • To sell itself it had to be low price
  • To make money we’d have to sell lots of copies
  • To sell lots of copies, we’d have to build really good software

    We knew that we definitely made the right choice to partner Atlassian to market Confluence and Jira together with our best practices.


    Congratulations to Atlassian on this achievement :)

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