Introducing a New Standard in Content Collaboration

Confluence 4.0 is here! After more than a year of development, and many more years of listening to your feedback, Atlassian is stoked to deliver you Confluence 4.0 – the fastest, richest, most intuitive collaboration experience ever.

Brillantly Simple Editor

The new editor in Confluence 4.0 is brilliantly simple, intuitive, and yet still packed with powerful features. A new streamlined toolbar puts new users at ease with familiar editing operations exactly where they’re expected. A single editor makes for a more reliable experience for your users and saved work that looks exactly like what was crafted in the editor. What you see is really what you get.

Intelligent and Lightning Fast

While new users will feel at home with the new editor, power users will thrive on innovative new features like Autoformatting. In the blink of an eye, Confluence converts wiki markup to rich text as you type; careful, you might miss it! They’ll love the performance improvements we’ve made to Autocomplete, putting links, images, media, and hundreds of powerful macros a couple of keystrokes away. Not to mention all the new keyboard shortcuts we’ve added to give them a faster editing experience than ever before. Now you can even copy and paste images directly from other web pages

Familiarly Social

Confluence 4.0 takes team collaboration to the next level. Just like Twitter and Facebook, it’s easy to bring others into the conversations taking place in Confluence with @mentions. Whether you’re editing a page, replying to a comment or publishing a blog post, it’s never been easier to foster team collaboration around your content in Confluence.

Hundreds of New Features

This post barely scratches the surface of Confluence 4.0. Take an interactive tour and learn about all the new features now!



The Future of Communication…

Atlassian’s biggest product release ever is just days away. After more than a year of development, and many more years of listening to your feedback, Confluence 4.0 will deliver the fastest, richest, most intuitive content collaboration experience, ever. Confluence 4.0 takes team collaboration to a whole new level with greatly enhanced social features. It’s never been easier to bring your team in on the important conversations in Confluence.

To celebrate this monumental release Atlassian thought it was fitting to take you on a little journey that they like to call Communication Through the Ages

Take a look, find the easter egg, and stay tuned for Confluence 4.0, the future of online content collaboration.


Wikis for sharing personal knowledge

A lot of people may think that a wiki is just for business or collaboration with a large group. In fact, it can be useful for personal use or within friends.

Recently, I went to Mount Bromo for a short trip and the scenery was very beautiful. I wanted  geo-tag the photos so that I can know where those beautiful shots are taken. Geo-tagging adds the location information to the photos so that people can know when & where the beautiful photos are taken. It also allows me to plot the route that I had covered for the trip.

If I had “wiki”ed down some notes the last time, I would have saved the time and effort to reinvent the wheel again. Therefore I told myself I should do it, because it is likely that I need to refer upon this information in years to come.  By having these information on my wiki, it would also be useful for those who wants to borrow my GPS receiver and my old Windows Mobile handphone for geotagging their trips as well.

It does not take a lot of time to wiki down the information, but it can save me a lot of time in future.

You can refer to my wiki on the full story and my notes on how to geo tag.

And here are some pictures of the beautiful place.

Mount Bromo 2009

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